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Gundam Seed/Destiny: Last Icon Maker Standing
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Welcome to seed_lims, an iconmaking challenge to see who is the Last Icon Maker Standing! This is an idea modeled after other communities such as naruto_lims and lims_bleach. If you're afraid of criticism, this isn't the community for you, since, instead of picking your favorite icon, you'll be voting icons out of the competition!

1. So first of all, you have to sign up to be a participant. Sign-ups for Session 4 will be starting sometime in the near future. Think early fall, probably, since I'll be moving to college and will busy before then.

2. If you sign up, you're promising that you will participate in all of the challenges until you are eliminated, or you win the game. Failure to submit an icon for a challenge will result in your elimination. Everyone is allowed to have one drop-out week, but you must comment HERE in order to do so. However, if you choose to drop out, you will be penalized with one vote in the following week's elimination voting. Drop-outs will not be allowed once the game is reaching its conclusion.

3. Challenge submissions will run from Friday to Friday, and voting will be from Friday until Sunday. Voting results will be posted on either Sunday or Monday. You are allowed to submit an icon for the next challenge while voting is going on. If you are eliminated during voting and have already submitted an icon, it will not be used during the next voting period.

4. You must be a member of this community (if you're not, come join here) in order to participate. However, you do not need to actually participate in the challenge. What non-participants can do will be referenced later. Also, to show that you've read the rules, please put 'Sven should be from Minnesota...' in the header of your comment when signing up to participate.

5. DO NOT vote for your favorite icons! This is a Last Icon Maker Standing contest, which means you should vote for your Least Favorite icons. Please do not vote against an icon just because you dont like the characters or pairing. Base your votes on design and technical reasons instead.

1. Icons must fit Livejournal standards (100x100 pixels, under 40k), and must (of course) contain material from Gundam Seed or Gundam Seed Destiny. Do not use any fanart or doujinshi material. Use only official images, screencaps, and manga. No animated icons will be allowed simply because not everyone can do animation, and they get really flashy and annoying after a while.

2. Please make your icons fresh for this icontest. Also, you cannot post your icon anywhere else while submissions and voting are going on. Once the results for the week have been posted, then you can use your icon elsewhere.

3. You will submit only one icon per week. However, you are allowed to switch icons within the course of the week if you wish so. Icons should be posted on the challenge post. All submissions will be screened for secrecy.

4. Please submit your icons in the following format:


5. No names will be mentioned in the results post as to who was eliminated. However, a participants list will be made, and names will simply be crossed off with time. However, if you want to know who made an icon, ask on the winners post and I'll let you know who made it. Iconmakers, if you dont want your icons announced to someone who asks, please let me know!

1. Every week, iconmakers will be voted out of the game. The amount of people eliminated per week will depend on the number of icons submitted and how far into the game we are. The number of icons that should be voted again will be specified on the voting post.

2. Please vote for each icon in the following format:

Icon # - reason why you are voting against the icon and dont like it

3. There will be a bonus vote every week for the best icon in one of the following categories: Best Color, Most Original Design, Best Text, Best Typography, Best Image, Best Cropped, Best Interpretation. The person who's icon wins this award will have one vote taken away from their icon the following week. You dont need to give a reason for your selection for this category.

4. There will be one more vote for what you think is the best overall icon. The person who's icon wins this award will have one vote taken away from their icon the following week. You dont need to give a reason for your selection for this category.

5. Please put your vote like this:

Icon # - Icon you are voting against

SC: special category
BOI: best overall

Make sure you distinguish between the best icon and the special category!

1. If you choose not to participate, you cannot submit any icons during the challenges or vote to eliminate icons.

2. However, you can vote just the same as any of the participants, since we've had low voting. You are allowed to vote against icons, as well as for the special category and best overall icon.

3. Do not take any icons without permission from the iconmaker. A list of who submitted which icon will be posted in the results post.

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Session 4 Challenges:
Round 1: TBA
Round 2: TBA

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